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Comp.No:Odr(2024)/55/143 1/5/2024 Finance Training Programmer of the Finance Department Officers/Officials
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/55/141 27/3/2024 Finance Nomination of PIO to provide information under RTI Act.
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/55/142 27/3/2024 Finance Nomination of First Appellate Authority for accept the first appeal Under RTI Act
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/55/140 16/2/2024 Finance Approval of Competent Authority for enhancement of Permanent Advance/ Imprest available with the L.G. Secretariat, Raj Niwas Delhi.
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/139 8/12/2023 Finance Enhancement of Permanent Advance/Imprest available with the office of Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi ensuing General Election to Lok Sabha 2024 due in April, 2024
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/138 15/9/2023 Finance Enhancement of permanent Advance/Imprest of Delhi Judicial Academy.
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/135 16/8/2023 Finance Grant of Permanent Advance/Imprest
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/134 9/8/2023 Finance Withdrawal of the Circular No F.25/Fin.AD/Cir./2021/ds/V44/Dated 19/01/2021.Regarding Revised procedure of examination of GIA proposals
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/133 28/7/2023 Finance First Appellate Authority for the Finance Department, Dir of Small Saving & Lotteries, Department of Audit and Delhi Kalyan Samiti.
Comp.No:Odr(2023)/55/132 26/6/2023 Finance Guidelines for release of the Grants-in-Aid to the Autonomous Bodies/Grantee Institutions.
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