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Order  Number Order  Date Department Order  Subject
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/60 26/7/2020 Finance Additional Charge to Sh. Ravi Kumar, Assit. Accounts Officer (DOA)
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/58 23/7/2020 Finance Transfer Posting of DCA
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/61 22/7/2020 Finance Link Officer to Sh. Manish Kumar Jain, Asst. Accounts Officer,
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/62 17/7/2020 Finance First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants for 2020-21
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/63 16/7/2020 Finance Stand Relieve Sh. Manoj Kumar VM, DCA and Pradeep Kumar N.V.,DCA
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/64 15/7/2020 Finance Salary Purposes of sh. Vishnu Datt, Accounts Officer
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/65 9/7/2020 Finance Extend the term of deputation / foreign Service
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/53 21/5/2020 Finance First Appellate Authority for Finance Deptt, Small Saving & Lotteries, Audit and DKS.
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/52 24/3/2020 Finance Authorization to Admn. Secy to incur expenditure of essential nature in view of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Comp.No:Odr(2020)/55/51 7/1/2020 Finance Renewal of Selling Agency Agreement.
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