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Comp.No:Odr(2013)/55/9 26/12/2012 Finance Appointment of Secretary (Finance) as First Appellate Authority
Comp.No:Odr(2012)/55/7 10/12/2012 Finance Clarification on Revised Delegation of Powers in respect of Capital works
Comp.No:Odr(2012)/55/5 11/10/2012 Finance Authorizing powers to Dy. Controller of Accounts (Admn), Principle Account Office
Comp.No:Odr(2012)/55/6 7/9/2012 Finance Approval of Competent Authority for grant of permanent advance/Imprest
Comp.No:Odr(2013)/55/16 23/5/2012 Finance Revision of delegation of powers for sanction of capital works.
Comp.No:Odr(2012)/55/4 17/5/2012 Finance Revision of Delegation of powers for sanction of capital works
Comp.No:Odr(2010)/55/2 7/9/2010 Finance Enhancement of parmanent advance/imprest money in r/o 3rd BN Delhi Police
Comp.No:Odr(2010)/55/1 15/1/2010 Finance First Appellate Authority for Finance Department
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