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Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2212 10/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society UPDATION PUBLIC NOTICE/ADVERTISMENT FOR FILLING UP 02 VACANCIES IN NPSC CHGS LTD.
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2211 4/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Uploading of Draft RRS for the post of Despatch Rider in the Department of Registrar cooperative societies.
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2208 2/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Sh. Tariq Salam, Retd. Dy. registrar, O/o RCS, as an Administrator-cum-Returning Officer with immediate effect in Rao Cooperative Group Housing Society ltd.,
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2209 2/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society requested to allow them to conduct election for the constitution of the new MC in Sweta G.K. co-operative Thrift and Credit society Limited.,
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2210 2/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Requesting to appoint an Returning Officer to conduct the election for the constitution of the new managing committee in Indraprastha Sehkari bank Limited.
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2206 1/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Intimation regarding registration of Hindustan Jai Hind Co-operative Thrift and Credit Society Ltd.,
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2203 1/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society The election of management committee on Dharam Vihar CGHS Ltd., was held on July 2022 in which election were held for 07 members of Managing Committee in due course
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2205 1/4/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Intimation regarding registration of "dhan Sikha Co-operative Thrift and Credit Society Ltd.,
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2204 28/3/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Sh. Joseph Baxla, AR (IT), O/o RCS, Government of NCT of Delhi, is hereby, nominated as Nodal officer for "Model Code of Conduct (MCC) Relaxation module in cVigil Web Application of ECI
Comp.No:Odr(2024)/71/2201 26/3/2024 Registrar Cooperative Society Whereas, The Delhi State Co-operative bank Limited (herein after referred to as bank), Head Office at 31, Netaji, Subash Marg, Daryaganjn, New Delhi-110002, is registered at S.No. 1921, with this department under the providions of Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 2003 and Delhi cooperative Societies Rules, 2007, and bye-laws of the Bamk framed thereunder.
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