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Circular Number Circular Date Department Circular Subject
Comp.No:cir(2019)/63/211 6/2/2019 Labour Circular for intimation regarding Commencement/completion of BOCW to the labour inspector with same common application of Factory Building Plan.
Comp.No:cir(2019)/63/210 21/1/2019 Labour All employees of the Labour Department working on any post carrying pay less than 8700/- are directed to fill up their details in the enclosed proforma and submit the same to the undersigned
Comp.No:cir(2019)/63/209 8/1/2019 Labour The Final seniority List of Labour Officers.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/208 21/12/2018 Labour The Tentative seniority list of Labour Officer.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/207 22/11/2018 Labour Circular for all Officers/Officials of Labour Department are hereby directed to place the matter before Secy.-Cum-Commissioner (Labour) only to submit the original files.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/206 14/11/2018 Labour Furnish of saving details along with proof/Undertakings for the Computation of Income Tax for the Financial Year 2018-19.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/205 18/10/2018 Labour Advisory for Payment of Bonus to outsourced workers by Contractors.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/204 15/10/2018 Labour Forwarding of Compliance of Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (CSMOP), relating to noting submission of matters to senior officers.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/203 7/9/2018 Labour Recommendation of Contract Labour Advisory Board.
Comp.No:cir(2018)/63/202 4/4/2018 Labour Seniority list of Dy. Labour Commissioner as on 01/01/2018
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