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Circular Number Circular Date Department Circular Subject
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/21 30/9/2015 Audit Linking of all MTNL landline phones located in Government buildings and the Residential phones of all Govt. Servants of NCT of Delhi with the building in which they are located.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/20 28/9/2015 Audit Cleanliness drive in connection with"Swachha Bharat Abhiyan".
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/18 24/9/2015 Audit Regarding uploading of attested copy of Service Book in r/o Ms. Anita Sardana, Grade-II(DASS)/Head Clerk on the website of this Department.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/19 24/9/2015 Audit Inclusion of Aadhar(Unique Identification) number in service book of Government Servants.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/17 25/6/2015 Audit Manual of Office procedure Test-2015 and Comprehensive Test on Right to Information Act 2005.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/16 18/5/2015 Audit Availing facility the Staff Car and Drawing TA.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/15 3/2/2015 Audit Instructions/Circular regarding adjustment of abstract Contingency Bills
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/14 16/1/2015 Audit Compliance of para of central Sectt. Mannual of office procedure relating to paging and paragraphing the documents/papers in case files.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/13 9/1/2015 Audit Compliance of the provisions of central secretariat manual of office procedure.
Comp.No:cir(2015)/17/12 1/1/2015 Audit Regarding starting of Swachhta Drive w.e.f. 25th Dec, 2014.
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