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Circular Number Circular Date Department Circular Subject
Comp.No:cir(2018)/17/74 13/4/2018 Audit Annual Performance Appraisal reports (APARs) in r/o Accounts Cadre Officers for the period 2017-2018.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/72 16/10/2017 Audit Details of saving and deductions of income-tax for the financial year 2017-18.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/71 11/9/2017 Audit Common Assistant Accounts Officer(Civil) Examination 2017(Part-I & II) regarding.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/70 20/6/2017 Audit Regarding public hearing hours.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/69 5/6/2017 Audit 1.Next bidding of type I, II,III, IV in june-july 2017 2.Recruitment for the post of research asstt. in AR department on deputation basis.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/68 28/4/2017 Audit Regarding initiation for completion of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports in r/o Accounts Cadre Officers for the period 2016-2017
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/67 26/4/2017 Audit Regarding initiation for completion of Annual performance Appraisal Report in r/o DASS Grade I,II,III, IV and Steno cadre officers and officials for the period of 2016-17.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/66 6/4/2017 Audit Human Resource Management System-Regarding.
Comp.No:cir(2017)/17/65 22/3/2017 Audit Filling up of the various Administrative and Engineering posts in IHBAS on Deputation Basis
Comp.No:cir(2016)/17/64 15/12/2016 Audit Compliance of Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure relating to noting, submission of matters to senior officers, paging and paragraphing the documents.papers in the case files.
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