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Comp.No:egaz(2017)/55/386 17/1/2017 Finance Appointment of Sh.Satish Kumar Tanwar as Value Added Tax Inspector.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/84/17 12/1/2017 Department of women& child Development Department of SW / WCD, Welfare Officer/Probation Officer/Prison Welfare Officers Recruitment Rules, 2016.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/54/21 12/1/2017 Environment Gazette regarding Graded Response Action Plan for Air Pollution Control issue
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/55/384 10/1/2017 Finance Corrigendum in order no.DSVI/334.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/55/385 10/1/2017 Finance Appointment of Ms.Hema Rathi as AVATO.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/55/383 6/1/2017 Finance Appointment of Sh.Ranjeet Singh, Jt.Commissioner as Registrar of Chits.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/63/32 5/1/2017 Labour Notification for the voltage upto 33 KV for the purpose of self-certification for new and existing electrical installations by the owner through Electrical Safety Engineers under regulation 30 and regulation 43 of the Central Electricity Authority(Measures relating to safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/84/14 29/12/2016 Department of women& child Development Shri Arun Mathur, Chairperson DCPCR
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/55/382 28/12/2016 Finance Appointment of Assistant Commissioner cum VATO.
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/75/56 20/12/2016 Transport Gazette Notification on Compounding Fee
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/4/66 20/12/2016 Directorate of Agricultural Marketing Notification regarding Name of the Members elected in the DAM Election 2016
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/84/15 2/12/2016 Department of women& child Development Courts of Additional Session Judge (Special Fast Track Court), South-West, Dwarka, Delhi dealing with cases of POCSO Act, 2012
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/84/13 2/12/2016 Department of women& child Development Shri Mohd. Pervezm Member Social Worker, Juvenile Justice Board, Delhi Gate
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/48/16 1/12/2016 Directorate of Economics And Statistics Survey of Service Sector
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/75/62 25/11/2016 Transport Amended Gazette Notification on No entry timings till 31st Jan. 2017
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/4/65 22/11/2016 Directorate of Agricultural Marketing Notification regarding exemption of Gate Pass Fee / Per Trip Fee in APMC (MNI) Azadpur as well as other APMCs upto 24.11.2016
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/57/19 15/11/2016 Higher Education Notification for DELHI ACT 06 OF 2016 for The Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University (Amendment) Act, 2016
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/76/2 11/11/2016 Union Territory Civil Services (UTCS) E-Gazette Notification
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/4/64 8/11/2016 Directorate of Agricultural Marketing Notification regarding Election of Various APMCs and Board
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/75/54 26/10/2016 Transport Gazette Notification on STA Board
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