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Circular Number Circular Date Department Circular Subject
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/110 13/5/2019 Excise Online facility for providing information/documents has been provided to L-7/L-10 & L-12 licensees online through their existing logins under the link "Provide Additional Details".
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/108 1/5/2019 Excise Regarding intimation for completion of Annual Performance Appraisal/Assessment Report (APARs) in respect of Officers appointed on emergent basis carrying duties and responsibility equivalent to Officers of Entry Grade of DANICSm DASS Grade-I,II,III & IV and stenographer Cadre Officer/Officials for the period 2018-19.
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/109 1/5/2019 Excise Regarding Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules,2016-opportunity for revision of option to come over to revised pay structure.
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/107 26/3/2019 Excise Circular regarding renewal of licenses granted in form L-15/L-15F, L-16/L-16F, L-17/L-17F, L-18/L-18F, L-19/L-19F, etc.
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/106 18/3/2019 Excise Who have failed to pay the licence fee for renewal of licence before the end of the February 2019
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/105 8/3/2019 Excise Extension of license period for sale of liquor under L-1/L-1F and L-2 (Draught Beer) License up to 30.06.2019
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/104 8/2/2019 Excise Renewal of License in form of L-17/L-17F, L-18/L-18F and L-19/L-19F for the year 2019-20
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/103 7/2/2019 Excise Renewal of License in form of L-28/L-28F and L-29/L-29F for the year 2019-20
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/102 7/2/2019 Excise Renewal of License in form of L-15/L-15F and L-16/L-16F for the year 2019-20
Comp.No:cir(2019)/6/101 1/2/2019 Excise Renewal of Licenses and permits for the Year 2019-20 shall be received in the office of the Deputy Commissioner before the end of February 2019 alongwith licenses or permit fee, payable for renewal of licenses or permits.
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