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Order Number Order Date Department Order Subject
Odr(2021)/55/106 9/7/2021 Finance Clarification of Addendum dated 29/10/2020 regarding Special Cash Package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Central Govt. Employees during the Block Year 2018-21.
Odr(2021)/84/2759 14/7/2021 Department of women& child Development Release of Payment to MNPO for supplying SNF
Odr(2021)/84/2774 29/8/2021 Department of women& child Development Regarding official dealings between the Administration and Members of Parliament and State Legislatures.
Odr(2021)/63/1338 10/8/2021 Labour Order of appoint as member of Delhi Logistics Cell and as Sub-Nodal Officer for redressal of grievances.
Odr(2021)/63/1341 1/9/2021 Labour Procedure for submission of Medical Bills for Re-imbursement.
Odr(2021)/84/2813 9/9/2021 Department of women& child Development Budget estimate for the F.Y 2021-22 respect of Anganwadi services schemes i.e supplementary nutrition programme under Demand No.8 under major head 2235
Odr(2021)/84/2814 9/9/2021 Department of women& child Development Budget Estimate for the FY 2021-22 in respect of Anganwadi Services (General) underDemand No. 8 under Major Head 2235
Odr(2021)/84/2816 9/9/2021 Department of women& child Development Regarding Pay Fixation Order for Ms. Sarmista Sharma, Sr. Superintendent.
Odr(2021)/12/503 22/9/2021 Department of Food Safety Work Relating to DO(HQ)is assigned to Sh. A K Singh(DO)
Odr(2021)/55/111 22/10/2021 Finance Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (ad-hoc bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2020-21.
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