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Comp.No:Odr(2012)/17/15 4/1/2012 Audit deployment of staff for Gurdwara Elections.
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/13 23/12/2011 Audit Ms. S. Latha, Grade-III/ Stenographer is taken on the strength
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/14 23/12/2011 Audit Trensfer and posting of Sh. Hari Singh Grade-II/ Head Clerk
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/12 29/11/2011 Audit Ms. Jasbir Kaur, Grade-II(DASS)/Head Clerk is hereby relieved
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/9 23/11/2011 Audit Relieving of Ms. Kanta Rani, Grade-II/ Stenographer
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/11 22/11/2011 Audit Ms. Santosh Kumari, Grade-II(DASS)/Head taken on the strength of this department
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/10 18/11/2011 Audit On attaining the age of superannuation, Sh. Mengh Raj Bajaj, Grade-II (DASS)/Head Clerk
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/8 16/11/2011 Audit Sh. Vikram Khatter, Asstt. Accounts Officer is hereby declared as Pairvi Officer in the matter of GNCTD & Ors. Vs. Shri Ranjit Singh Manhas,
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/5 15/11/2011 Audit Sh. R.P.S.Verma, Senior Accounts Officer is hereby taken on strength
Comp.No:Odr(2011)/17/6 15/11/2011 Audit Sh. Kamal Dev, Accounts Officer is relieved of his duties from this department
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