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Comp.No:egaz(2014)/8/189 31/1/2014 Law and Justice and Legislative Affairs notification regarding appointment of Principal Judges, Family Courts, Delhi
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/8/190 31/1/2014 Law and Justice and Legislative Affairs Notification regarding establishment of Family Courts in Central, East and North East, West and Shahdara Districts.
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/8/188 31/1/2014 Law and Justice and Legislative Affairs Notification regarding appointment of Ms. Ina Malhotra and Ms. Ravinder Kaur as District Judges
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/75/30 30/1/2014 Transport Re-Constitutes the State Trasport Authority
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/242 30/1/2014 Finance Nomination of Dr.M.M.Kutty, Pr. Secy (Fin) as Director of Board of Directors of Delhi Financial Corporation.
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/243 30/1/2014 Finance Amendment in certain provisions, Clauses and forms DSC-I of the Delhi Tax Compliance Acheivement Scheme, 2013.
Comp.No:egaz(2015)/71/47 27/1/2014 Registrar Cooperative Society Regarding extension of term of Administrator of Shivaji CGHS Ltd (65/GH)
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/241 24/1/2014 Finance Appointment of Addl. Commissioner, Value Added Tax.
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/52/29 24/1/2014 Education District DDE, GNCT of Delhi, Directorate of Education, as Local Authority under Section 32 of RTE Act, 2009
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/4/29 23/1/2014 Directorate of Agricultural Marketing Notification regarding ceasing of nomination of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Member of APMC, Azadpur
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/238 21/1/2014 Finance Exemption from payment of Luxury Tax on the Luxuries to be provided in Hotels during Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/239 21/1/2014 Finance Appointemt of Value Added Tax Officer.
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/55/240 21/1/2014 Finance Appointment of Value Added Tax Inspector.
Comp.No:egaz(2016)/54/15 10/1/2014 Environment Amendment in Ground Water Notification on dated 10/01/2014
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/75/25 7/1/2014 Transport Amendments in the Govt. Notification No. F.Sectt 11 75 975
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/8/179 3/1/2014 Law and Justice and Legislative Affairs Notification regarding appointment of Sh. Deepak Kumar, DJS
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/64/41 31/12/2013 Land and Building Partial modification of Notification no NO.F.7(40)/94/L&B/LA/19574 dated 20.03.2013
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/52/28 30/12/2013 Education Delhi School Education (Free Seats for Students belonging to EWS and Disadvantaged Group) Amendment Order, 2013
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/86/11 27/12/2013 Homeopathy wing Rename the Directorate of Indian System of Medicine & Homoeopathy, Government of NCT of Delhi as Directorate of AYUSH
Comp.No:egaz(2014)/8/181 27/12/2013 Law and Justice and Legislative Affairs Notification regarding cancellation of appointment of Mr. Tsewang Phuntsog, DJS candidate
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