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egazette Number egazette Date Department egazette Subject
Comp.No:egaz(2018)/81/10 13/12/2018 GAD Holidays for the offices under Government of NCT of Delhi during the year 2019
Comp.No:egaz(2018)/81/11 13/12/2018 GAD List of Holidays during the year 2019 under NI Act.
Comp.No:egaz(2018)/81/8 12/11/2018 GAD Half day Holiday after 2:00 PM on 15.11.2018 on account of Phool Waalon ki Sair
Comp.No:egaz(2018)/81/7 12/11/2018 GAD Holiday on account of Chhat Puja on 13.11.2018
Comp.No:egaz(2018)/81/3 13/4/2018 GAD Holiday on account of Birthday of DR BR Ambedkar under Negotiable Instrument ACT
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/81/2 23/11/2017 GAD List of Holidays 2018 in Negotiable Instruments ACT 1881
Comp.No:egaz(2017)/81/1 9/11/2017 GAD List of Holidays for the year 2018