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Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/102 15/10/2020 Transport Exemption of registration fee on Electric Vehicle
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/101 13/10/2020 Transport Fancy number notification spouse also allowed for personal vehicles
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/106 10/10/2020 Transport Tax levied on battery electric vehicles
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/100 10/10/2020 Transport Exemption of road tax on Electric Vehicles Notification
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/99 22/9/2020 Transport Appoints Sh. Shakeel Ahmeed Khan, DCGM (Estate) DTC
Comp.No:egaz(2020)/75/87 13/3/2020 Transport Notification Regarding Officers to Whom Authority is Conferred to Compound
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/98 3/11/2019 Transport In odd even Electric Vehicles are exempted
Comp.No:egaz(2019)/75/86 3/11/2019 Transport Notification dated 03.11.2019 Regarding Exemption to electric Vehicles under odd-even Scheme
Comp.No:egaz(2021)/75/97 2/11/2019 Transport Word mentioned April in Hindi version read as November.
Comp.No:egaz(2019)/75/85 1/11/2019 Transport Notification of ODD-Even Scheme
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