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egazette Number egazette Date Department egazette Subject
Comp.No:egaz(2012)/57/12 7/2/2012 Higher Education "No. DHE-4(51)/2010-11/3544-59. Notification for fee determined by Fee Regulatory Committee with its recommendatins."
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/11 16/9/2011 Higher Education No. IPV/JR(C)/Statute/Amend./2011/245. Notification for Recruitmet Rules.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/10 28/7/2011 Higher Education No. F. DHE.4(51)/2009-10/1287. Notification for Fee structure for the academic year 2009-10.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/9 24/1/2011 Higher Education No. F. 1(35)/Stat/IPU/JRP/201/1853 Notification of Amendments in Statute 26, GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/8 10/1/2011 Higher Education No. F. 2(36)/Ord/IPU/ADRP/2009/1784 Notification of modification in Ordinance 14 in respect of appointment on Contract basis or equivalent, GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/7 8/1/2010 Higher Education No. F. 2(29)/Ord/IPU/ADRP/2009/36 Notification of Revised Ordinance 12 governing programmes leading to degree of Doctor of Philosophy, GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/6 20/10/2009 Higher Education No. F. 2(29)/Ord/IPU/ADRP/2009/11727 Notification of Partial Amendments in Ordinance 10, 11, 21, 25, 27,29 of the GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/5 27/3/2009 Higher Education No. F. 1(35)/Statute/IPU/DRP/2008/10594 Notification of Partial Amendments in structure of Affiliation fee chargeable from the institutions of clause 1 of statute 26 of the GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/4 24/9/2008 Higher Education No. F. 2(29)/Ord/IPU/DRP/2007/8943 Notification of Amendments in Ordinance 11 clause 9 of GGSI University.
Comp.No:egaz(2011)/57/3 4/9/2008 Higher Education DHE.14(7)/LA-2007/1982 Notification of Prior approval of Chancellor of the Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Vishwavidyalaya Delhi, hereby makes the first statutes, namely:-
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