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Circular Number Circular Date Department Circular Subject
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/136 2/5/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Fare stage of New route No. 794A on experimental basis
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/135 29/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) The Revised Fare Stage of Route NO. 894 on experimental bases.
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/141 15/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Minutes of the DTC Board Meeting held on 11.5.2011 as approved by the Chairman, Resolution NO. 49/2011 Item 46/2011,Hire Charges for Low Floor Buses for shooting purpose
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/139 13/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Fare stage of route NO. 254 B and 879D TR/Sch/00)/3/2013/469 dt. 13.04.2013
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/138 12/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Information about routes No. RL-77, RL-77A, RL-77Extra, RL-77B, RL-75, RL-79& 740, 740A, 740Extra, 740B, 711, 711A, 724,783, 794, Express and Limited Service and other routes going and coming over the flyover (Janak Setu)etc.
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/131 12/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Rewise Fare Table of S.B.S.Trml. (ITO) to Gurgaon Ordinary fare of Trip W.E.F. 15.4.2013(This circular part of Computer circular NO. 130)
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/134 12/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) The Route NO. 100A,100Ext.,165 & 199 presently operating between Badly Rly. Station/Samey Pur and GTK By Pass to run via Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar.
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/130 12/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) Some change in Route No. 120(Raja Harish Chand between Ram Dev Chouk,Route Express-61 (Gurgaon to Sahid Bhagat Singh) and Route No.403 in place of route No. 400
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/132 6/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) The Service of Spl. Trip (Fare Stage) of Route NO.970A
Comp.No:cir(2013)/3/133 5/4/2013 Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) The Fare Stage of Route NO. 966B
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