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eGazette Number eGazette Date Department eGazette Subject
egaz(2012)/82/30 20/6/2012 Department of Urban Development In the matter of Multiple RWAs Regn.(91)
egaz(2012)/51/153 30/8/2012 District Administration (Revenue) Notification in r/o Sh. K.C Surender,DANICS as ADM(South-West)
egaz(2012)/13/8 30/7/2012 Training & Technical Education Registration of Cyber Cafe
egaz(2012)/81/36 21/8/2012 GAD Holidays during the year 2013 for all Government offices under Govt. NCT of Delhi.
egaz(2012)/81/35 21/8/2012 GAD Holidays in the NCT of Delhi during the year 2013 under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.
egaz(2012)/81/37 28/8/2012 GAD Allocation of Business among Ministers of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
egaz(2012)/81/38 3/10/2012 GAD Reg. death of Sh. Kedarnath Sahni, former Chief Executive Councilor, Delhi.
egaz(2012)/81/39 3/10/2012 GAD Half day closer of Govt. offices/Autonomous Bodies/Local Bodies and Schools under GNCTD on 04/10/2012 after 2.00 pm due to death of Sh. Kedarnath Sahni former Chief Executive Councilor, Delhi.
egaz(2012)/81/40 12/10/2012 GAD A half day holiday on 1st November, 2012, Thursday on account of PHOOL WAALON-KI-SAIR.
egaz(2012)/82/31 2/1/1982 Department of Urban Development test
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